“You’ve got the will. We’ve got the way.” is Shopify’s motto. Simple and motivating.

In the year 2019 Shopify reached a milestone having powered more than 1 Million stores and 87% of merchants use the Shopify App Store and have 6 apps installed on average. Expectedly, the App Store has generated over $100 million in revenue.

one thing that makes it so is the ease of creating a store without having any technical skills. Additionally, it is easy to incorporate some great apps from the Shopify app store to become a highly valuable business.

But here is a problem, with thousands of Shopify apps to choose from, it’s not easy for a business owner to choose the perfect app suitable for their business. To make that selection easier, I am recommending the 5 best but underrated apps for your Shopify store.

– Shipway Shipping Automation

– RaftLabs – Happy WhatsApp Chat

DelightChat – Support Helpdesk & Live Chat

– Pushowl – Web Push Notifications

– Adyogi – Facebook Retargeting

– Firepush – SMS, Web Push, and Email Marketing

– Shipway – Shipment Tracking

– Wiser – Personalized Recommendations, Upsell

SMS Notifications – Abandon Cart Recovery

Vamaship – World’s Shipping Partner 

Thirdwatch – Reducing RTO & Stopping Frauds Using AI

Sixads – Ad Automation and Free Traffic Feature

Shipway ‑ Shipping Automation

Shipway, Multi channel order management & shipping automation platform that helps the users to ship almost 100 packets in less than 5 minutes. Get multiple solutions power packed into one system for fast and hassle-free shipping.

Benefits of using this App:

– Auto Import orders from your Shopify Store.

– Option to sync Shopify orders with tags.

– 3PL integration and assign orders in bulk.

– Automatic pushback in Shopify once the tracking number is assigned.

– Handle GST invoice with all types of discounts – product wise, order wise), with shipping charges, cod charges, Gift cards, etc.

– Generate shipping labels, thermal as well as normal shipping labels in bulk with print and   download options.

– Automate SMS notification alerts.

– End-to-end return process from approval to processing of returns

RaftLabs – Happy WhatsApp Chat

RaftLabs provide instant customer support to the brands using WhatsApp live Chat. It allows brands to customize Whatsapp widgets as per their branding to improve customer retention and boost sales. Their easy-to-create live chat and excellent customer support create happy customers for the brand.

Benefits of using this App:

– Unlimited WhatsApp numbers.

– Unlimited WhatsApp Chat.

– Fully customizable design.

– Fully customizable chat message and ability to know for which product the customer is seeking help.

– Easy to set Online/Offline Hours.

– Advanced analytics to improve your store’s experience.

– No code to add to the brand theme.

DelightChat – Support Helpdesk & Live Chat

DelightChat is an omnichannel customer support software for ecommerce brands. DelightChat helps you connect your Instagram, Facebook, Emails, and WhatsApp support channels from a single dashboard. You can collaborate with your team members, assign support tickets within the team, and see who’s working on a ticket to avoid replying multiple times.

We designed it to be so easy, your team can get started within minutes of signing up.

But there’s more!

You can automate up to 40% of your support tasks including assigning tickets, replying to repetitive queries, tagging tickets based on keywords or sender email addresses, and much more. Why handle these tasks manually when DelightChat can do them all for you?

If your customers request order modifications, don’t go hunting for their order details on Shopify. With DelightChat, you can view and edit Shopify orders right from the dashboard!

Benefits of using this App:

– Combined Self Service and Live Chat widget that makes it easy for customers to connect to you

– Rule-based automation options that save you hours every day in responding to repeating queries, organizing tickets, assignments, etc.

Analytics and tracking of every team member, support channel, and your brand as a whole

– Works great for solopreneurs and larger teams alike

– Offers built-in CSAT to help you get details on how your support has performed

– Priced up to 90% lower than competitors to save you money on support.

Pushowl – Web push notifications

PushOwl enables Shopify stores to send web push notifications to improve retention by sending push campaigns to your subscribers and improve conversions by sending push reminders for abandoned carts. These notifications are crisp, clickable messages that appear directly on the screen of your buyers and potential buyers device (mobile and desktop). It’s highly visible.

Benefits of using this App:

– Segmentation: Send highly personalized campaigns by segmenting your audience by location, click history, purchase history, device, subscription history, and more. 

– Flash sale: This feature allows you to set an expiry date on your campaign so that it is not sent after a certain date. This lets you send short-lived sale promotions to your subscribers. This way, you can avoid sending expired sale notifications to subscribers

– Scheduling: You can schedule your campaigns ahead of time, allowing you to focus on

– Smart delivery: This feature ensures your push notification is sent to the subscriber during their active hours, increasing campaign engagement.

Adyogi – Facebook Retargeting 

Automate your re-targeting with a strategy devised by seasoned experts in the field to deliver the best returns and increase sales.

AdYogi re-marketing is the solution for Shopify Merchants who are looking to automate re-targeting with the best ROAS (Returns on Ad Spend). AdYogi re-marketing sets up your Facebook retargeting campaigns in just a few clicks in less than a minute. A well-devised strategy by digital marketing experts helps you set multiple re-targeting assets in one click.

Benefits of using this App:

Live Catalogue Sync on Facebook.

Real-Time Ad Preview and Ad Text customization.

AdYogi re-marketing distinguishes your website visitors and gets the most return with a polished marketing strategy.

It helps you build a relationship with your customers and cross-sell your other offerings.

Firepush – SMS, Web Push, and Email marketing

Firepush combines 3 powerful marketing channels – email, web push notifications, and email – in one easy-to-use app for Shopify merchants. Shopify stores can set up automation to recover abandoned carts, welcome new subscribers, and re-engage old customers. And it takes minutes to launch high-impact campaigns to promote sales and special offers. Because this is an omnichannel tool, campaigns and automation can be launched on all 3 channels, and these channels are automatically coordinated so there’s no spamming customers and no wasted marketing budget.

Benefits of using this App:

– Abandoned cart: Use a super-smart combination of pushes, emails, and SMS to recover more lost sales with a return on investment of over 35%

Promotional campaigns: Turbocharge flash sales and seasonal offers with high-visibility web push, SMS, and email bulk campaigns

First sales: Reward new subscribers and convert first-time visitors with automated welcome messages

Customer loyalty: Keep existing customers engaged with price drop and back in stock automation

Customer service: Offer first-class customer service with automated delivery updates

Segmentation: Present targeted offers and messages using smart segmentation tools

Shipway – Shipment tracking

Shipway is a shipment tracking, notifications & order Reviews platform which is useful for eCommerce owners. Give your buyer the best post shipping experience through automated order tracking notifications, branded tracking page, and measure the satisfaction rate through the NPS tool.

You can use this app on Shopify by downloading it from the Shopify app store. Shipway has introduced a new branded tracking page feature which helps you to create your tracking page which supports your Shopify theme.

Benefits of using this App:

– Reduces Customer Queries and Improves User Experience.

– Improves the post-buying experience for both the customer and the merchant.

– Know which shipments are facing delivery problems.

– Show in-order tracking status on your website

– Shipment Insights for Merchants about the shipment statuses.

– Get Order reviews/feedback from your customers.

Wiser – Personalized Recommendations, Up-sell

Wiser is a personalized product recommendation app for Shopify with several widgets like Handpicked Recommendations, Related Products, Trending Products, Frequently Bought Together, Top Selling Products, Recently Viewed and more.

Wiser helps Shopify merchants in enhancing the conversion rate by showing product recommendations to the customers at various stages of their browsing session. It increases the chances of the sale as products get more and more exposure to the store and it helps customers in their buying decision.

Benefits of using this App:

– Up-selling and cross-selling the product: One of the key benefits forms Wiser is that it helps merchants in up-selling and cross-selling the products to increase the sales. Wiser makes it very easy for store owners to show various product recommendations widgets in a few clicks without touching a single line of code. It’s all automated and super easy to setup.

– In-depth analytics: Wiser has an in-depth analytics system as well which shows the sales and conversions made by the app for a particular store on a particular page too. It shows which widgets of Wiser performed well in terms of sales and which pages of the store got more sales by Wiser widgets. That way merchant can adjust the placement of widgets and get more conversions.

SMS Notifications – Abandon Cart Recovery

SMS Notifications has many benefits including facilitating communication with your customers, your customer also receives the details of the order faster. Short text messages are sent primarily as information on the status of the order, such as a message confirming the correct course of a transaction or message about delivery time of orders. SMS is the fastest communication with your customers and savings for the company due to reduced costs associated with undelivered shipments.

Benefits of using this App:

– The customer gets information through SMS, no need to check the mail from wherever.

– Send SMS notifications to 220 countries.

– Notify your customers about Account creation, Order creation, Order fulfilled, In-Transit, Out of delivery, Order canceled, Order refund, abandoned orders.

– Unique shortened URLs for your tracking numbers.

Vamaship – World’s Shipping Partner

Vamaship is a highly rated app on Shopify helping hundreds of sellers to automate and optimize shipping. With a simple 1-lick integration our app is super easy to use and quick to process shipments.

Benefits of using this app :

– One-stop for within India and international shipments of general, valuable and perishable cargo.

– One platform for forward, reverse, air and surface shipments

– Geographical coverage to over 200+ countries and 26,000+ pin codes within India

– Cash on delivery service across India

– One point of contact from Vamaship regardless of delivery partners.

– Tracking of all shipments & one NDR among all partners

– Bulk booking through API integration & excel.

– Deep analytics on shipments for better optimization.

– Custom labels with your logo for each shipment.

– The platform enabled on the web, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Linux

– No minimum shipping spend needed to start.

– No charge for using the Vamaship Platform, Pay only for shipping.

– Daily COD remittance.

Thirdwatch – Reducing RTO and Stopping Frauds using AI

Razorpay Thirdwatch is an AI based fraud detection solution that helps eCommerce merchants reduce Return-To-Origin and Cash-On-Delivery fraud. Thirdwatch’s ML algorithms detect and profile fraudulent users, suspicious orders, incomplete addresses, impulse purchases, etc thus effectively countering the RTO problem as soon as an order is placed. 

Benefits of using this app :

Red Orders

If the order is marked red then the sellers can either decline the order or take corrective actions like updating the address or getting the confirmation from customer on order quantity.

Green Orders

If the order is flagged green then the sellers can go ahead with the normal flow and ship the order

Following are the key parameters captured from the store that play a critical role in screening the orders and final decision making.

  • Shipping Address Profile

  • Device Fingerprint

  • IP Address

  • Buyer’s history

  • Buyer’s navigation behaviour

  • Network effects

Sixads -Ad Automation and Free Traffic Feature

Sixads provides an easy way to run automated Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads for Shopify stores. Merchants can put their products in front of millions of interested shoppers with just a few clicks. sixads chooses the right targeting, personalized ad visuals, and text. Store owners only need to approve the ads. The app also has a traffic exchange feature that lets you drive targeted traffic to your store for free.

Benefits of Using This App

– Quick & Easy To Use: Have your ads up and running in just a few minutes!

– Super-Targeted Ads: Algorithms will choose high-converting audiences for you and target them at the right time with engaging ads.

– All-In-One Ad Manager: Forget the pain of switching between different tools. With sixads, you can run your ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google from one platform.

– Automated Ad Management: When a product sells out, your corresponding ads are stopped – none of your ad budget is wasted. Your ads are also automatically updated if your product prices, titles, images, or descriptions change in your store.

– Analytics: See how your ads perform and scale on the best ones.

– FREE Traffic: Drive targeted traffic from stores that use Sixads free traffic exchange feature.

That’s it! Now use your suiatble combinations to boost your eCommerce sales.

How many apps do you install in your Shopify store? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.