How to reduce/minimize ecommerce customer queries

To run an Ecommerce business, there are lots of stakeholders Which affects the revenue of that. One of the major role is played by Customer Support services. Customer Support is directly proportional to number of orders.

You can’t ignore the customer queries but You can reduce the customer queries using services.

Your role is not upto taking the orders and just shipped. After the order Ship, You need to facilitate your customer with order tracking and  send the order notification updates, Because major customer support queries are about order status and delivery updates.

You can also reduce customer queries and improve your businness performance by follow up with the couriers about the orders in delivery issues.

Also You need to know about the order feedbacks for your future customers. This is also acheived with shipway automatically.

These solutions are provided by So try shipway and share your queries/ Feedbacks on the same.

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