Ecommerce Order after shipping is just like new baby to take care. What You need to do after shipping?

Most to the Ecommerce companies take care the order upto shipping and assumes that after that the whole responsibility is of Courier company.
But this approach is very wrong. The is the last step to win the race. You need to give the best service to your customer after that, because this is the stage when there are chances of order rejection and many more.

After Shipping Solution
After Shipping Solution

Why You need to take care after shipping:

1) Order RTO because of shipment delay

2) Order RTO because of no communication and Notifications

3) Order RTO because it take many days in courier warehouse

4) Courier not attempted to Handover

5) Customer Engagement and service for Future orders: Returning Customer

6) You have spent on marketting, Promotion and SEO. If you Don’t care the order at last step, Whole effort was waste.

This is your order and your customer, You needs to provide the world class service to your customer.

What You need to do:

1) Must have Track option in your Website to minimize Ecommerce RTO’s.

2) Automatic Order Notifications via SMS and Email as the shipment moves.

3) Reporting panels to validate the data and take action
– How many orders are in InTransit from last 5 days
– Which product have maximum RTO’s
– Validate courier performance

4) Ask for Order Review to your customer after delivered to repeat customer for future

5) Check the orders are in delivery issues and followup with Courier and Customer

Solution to minimize after shipping issues:

– For SAAS based solution you can try

– If you want to discuss more on this Contact us at for more expert advice on this.



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